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Arcane Aromatics enable you to craft products with striking aromas and mood-boosting qualities.


Whether it's a candle or a concentrate, the right essence will elevate any experience

Our Specialty

Cannabis-Centric Terpene Strain Profiles

Pure Hemp Strain Profiles
Hemp & Botanical Terpene Strain Profiles
Botanical Terpene Strain Profile


Natural, aromatherapeutic cosmetic products like moisturizers, soaps, fragrances, sanitizers, lotions, topicals and toners
natural full-spectrum cannabis products like concentrates, extracts, tinctures, pre-rolls, cones, dessicants, distillates edibles
Natural and aromatherapeutic beverages like spritzers, sparkling water, teas, bitters, sodas, juices, mixers, or cocktail sugars
natural and mood-boosting aromatherapy products like candles, diffuser oils, room sprays, incense, wax melts, roll-ons, balms, salves and ambient fragrances
natural and botanical consumable products like confections, health snacks, dressings, fruit snacks, honeys, syrups, gummies, jams, and jellies
natural and aromatherapeutic wellness products like balms, topicals, ointments, salves, lotions, moisturizers, cleansers, creams, and essential oils


Nature's Aromatherapeutic Drivers

All-natural terpenes are prominent in every fragrance and flavor we make. This allows you to instill a variety of aromatherapeutic qualities into your food, beverage, wellness, cosmetic and cannabis creations.

Invested in Cultivation

We organically grow, harvest and distill the botanicals from a variety of hemp strains with the specific intent of cultivating aromatic oils that are clean, authentic and feature a full-spectrum of terpenes and plant essentials. This year's crops yielded ten distinct profiles.

Why Cannabis?


Few plant species rival the aromatic diversity and immersive properties of cannabis. Our products allow you to access these amazing qualities without the psychoactive components.


"We believe the next biggest development in terpenes is affordability for any production level."

— David McLean, Founder & President

"I have yet to find a company that is more transparent and makes compliance as easy as Arcane does."

— Alex, San Francisco


We believe that nothing is cooler than nature. Every Arcane Aromatics product is 100% natural.


Our bulk aromatics are crafted under the strict standards of ISO 9001:2015 & FSSC 22000.


Comprehensively tested for use in food, beverage, cosmetics, wellness and cannabis products.

Smarter Compliance

Your detailed and batch-specific product formulation, lab analysis and handling information is right on the label. Just scan the QR code.